Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Monday

Today was our last single-income-family-Monday in almost 4 years!!

Now that Caelan is in school, Damian is back to work... tomorrow. We wanted to wait for things to calm down a bit and make sure we knew how the routine would work and I think we're finally there. He was scheduled to start today but Caelan has two appointments!  It's going to be quite the juggling act but we'll make it work.

We're lucky enough that our schedules allow me to be home in the morning to get the kids ready and on the bus and Damian finishes early enough that he's home to get everyone off the bus. Not sure who has it better - the morning rush or the afternoon homework fight/dinner prep??

With that in mind I've reacquainted myself with my monthly meal plan.  This also required that I get to know what's in our freezer.  I've been leaving the cooking to Damian, although I still did the planning over the past year.  This meant that I haven't been as efficient as I was, not using stuff up in our freezer because I wasn't reminded of what was in there when I went to take something out.  Just lazy on my part.  Anyway, it took me all Sunday morning to put it together but we have a menu plan for October.  I'm hoping that with the menu in place I'll be able to spend more time on the weekends prepping and cooking our meals since I won't have to think about what we're going to eat, leaving more time in the long run for the important stuff!

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