Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Caelan!

What an amazing year!

Caelan you've changed so much over the past year...

You're a big boy in school now. 

You recognize your name.

You recognize most of the letters in the alphabet and know the sounds they make.

You can count to five... most of the time.

You've thinned out and grown taller.

Your face has changed so much.  You've become a little boy.

You carry your feed in your very own backpack now.

You no longer sleep in a crib, but in a cool car bed.

You're a walker. You still need to hold hands but you want to walk.

You're working hard at becoming a big boy who doesn't wear diapers.

You're signing so many more words and expressing yourself vocally like never before.

You're a little comedian and love making people laugh.

You still twirl your hair when you're tired.  You can twirl it so tight around your finger that it gets stuck!  You'll use another finger to rub it.  That's when we know you're really tired.

You don't like when Mommy's hair is pulled back.  It has to be loose so you can play with it.

You still love your television. "My show" is the first thing you say if the channel isn't tuned to the treehouse station. You enjoy most Disney movies but probably watch Cars the most, followed by Finding Nemo (fish movie) and 101 Dalmations (doggy movie). Lately Spirit (the horse movie) has been a regular request.

Your favourite books include two box sets: a Curious George one and a Barney one. A total of 8 books, but when I ask you to choose to bed time stories you seem to think that two boxes is close enough!

"you me" is an expression that you use constantly when you want to do something together with someone.  It can be "you me play Dad" or "you me paint".  Sometimes it's a question.  I'll tell you we're going somewhere and you'll ask "you me?" "yes, you and me are going."

You still become fixated on things with unbelievable focus.  Most recently it's been a kitchen set you saw in a magazine... You went to bed asking about it, woke up asking about it, I was buckling you in the van for school while you asked about it and you weren't even back in the house after school and you were asking Daddy about it.  Fix-a-ted.  This has calmed down a bit but I think it's only because Darcy built you a full kitchen out of old diaper and formula boxes and has been playing restaurant with you daily after school.

You're still a herder and like your family all together. If someone is missing, you enquire constantly as to where they are until they return.

I could go on and on...  You amaze me little man and I love you with all my heart.

Happy 4th Birthday Caelan!


  1. Happy Birthday Caelan - Love from Auntie Toad, Uncle Jimmy and Cousin Jill. We all love you very much and can't wait to see you soon to celebrate your 4th birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday Caelan...hope your day is as amazing as you are : )

  3. Happy Birthday Caelan..... We will seeyou tomorrow ... Birthday Celebrations... Much Love, Nana & Grampsy xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Hope the weekend event was fun Mr. C...... xoxoxoxo

    The Cubaynes
    P.S. I think your sister, Miss Darcy T. is pretty awesome for building you a kitchen!

    1. The kitchen is set up in the room that Caelan and the new Baby will 'share'... it's been emptied so Damian can paint and put the new floors down. However, that hasn't happened fast enough and the room has been transformed into "Chez Fu Fu Fishy Restaurant"... They're in there every day playing- well, we all are since we're the patrons :)