Wednesday, October 3, 2012

we're on our way

It's a start.  A small start, but a start all the same.

We've had the potty out for a couple months trying to entice Caelan into showing some interest.

Tonight I was putting away laundry when out of the corner of my eye I see Caelan taking off down the hall with the lid from his potty.

"Caelan please go put that back in the bathroom."

I'm happy to say that one of my children do as their told... sometimes.

The next thing I know he's got a piece of the base and is heading out through the kitchen with it.

"Caelan please go put that back in the bathroom."

Not so much luck this time and before I know it he's got the potty in three separate pieces out in the hall.

"Okay, Caelan this really needs to stay in the bathroom.  We don't carry potties (?) all over the house.  Would you like to show Mommy how you use the potty?"

And the shock of all shocks -"yes"

You have to understand that everytime we've tried to sit him on it he bounces back up like the seat is made of a spring crying "all done!"  He's had absolutely zero interest in being potty trained.  It's something that we haven't pushed because he isn't even walking on his own yet.  However, we also wanted him to at least acknowledge the concept.

So tonight when he answered 'yes' I honestly thought it would be another spring loaded experience.  Imagine my surprise when he stayed sitting and said "you me Mom".  I did what any good Mom would do; dropped my pants and sat myself on the throne to show him how it's done.  (By the way, that sight is apparently HA-larious...)

Anywho...  The point of this babbling story is that we had success!  Caelan peed in the potty tonight and that my friends is a huge step in the right direction!!!!


  1. So proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news way to go Caelan!

    Love you!

    Gramma xxxx

  2. Congrats to Caelan...way to go!!

  3. Thanks everyone. He's doing pretty good and has 'voided' a couple times at school too - didn't even know they were working on it, but it makes sense! I'm sure those EA's would rather not have to change diapers too