Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still more Darcy

Tonight at dinner...

"Mom, you can't see it because you're farsighted... or de-farsighted."


Yesterday at breakfast we had an entire crazy Darcy conversation:

Darcy:  In health class we learned that when you smoke it turns your heart black so when Auntie Vicky dies we're going to have to cut her open and see.

Mom:  No, we're not!

Darcy:  Well, I will.

Mom:  You'll have to go to school and study science so you can work in a lab where they do that.

Darcy:  Nope.  I'm just gonna do it.

Mom:  I don't think Gramma will like that.

Dad:  You can't just do that.

Darcy: Well I'm going to wait until she's already dead.

Mom:  It's illegal.  I thought it was your lungs that turn black.

Darcy:  Your lungs and your heart and why is it illegal if she's already dead? 

Dad:  You're not allowed to just go around cutting up dead people.  It's frowned upon.

much later...

Darcy:  I'll just do it fast and then I'll sew her back up.

The conversation went on longer than this.  There were more arguments over why it's illegal but my memory isn't what it used to be.  Regardless, it was kind of funny in a slightly disturbing way.  Love you Auntie Vicky, xo


  1. Get some frogs for that girl to disect ! Maybe she will be the next great scientific/biological/medical genius!!!!

  2. She reminds me of Auntie Vicky who finds the human body so interesting she likes to see how it works, and is curious enough to not mind looking at the inside. YUCK not for me that is for sure!!!!
    Gramma (I hope that I am not still around when Vicky is dead just not the way it is supposed to be) xx

  3. Ha ha ha I love it :) .... when she is older I will have to take her with me on a shift in the morgue for shadow day if she is still interested I could show her all different types of lungs and hearts.I love that she is interested :)
    Love Auntie Vicky

  4. I'm all for her being interested... just not sure how I'd feel about her wanting to cut me up! xo