Thursday, September 6, 2012

new members of the family?

It all started about a month ago when Damian told me he had some work to do outside.  He was going to go work on this 'project'...  Well, I knew right away what that 'project' was because we'd been talking about this possibility for some time.  He was going to work on building a chicken coop!

Tuesday, Caelan and Damian went to pick up a few new friends...

From left to right, let me introduce Kentucky, Biggin and Chicken Little

and last but not least, this one has been named Omelet.

Caelan helped Damian feed the chickens in the morning.

They're laying chickens, so we were anxious for our fresh eggs...

We waited for the girls to get home from school so they could go get the eggs.

What an exciting new adventure for our family!


  1. Really becoming country folks, nice to have fresh eggs and fun for the kids to be involved in gathering eggs and with the garden they will know where
    the food they eat comes from. Nice names by the way.

  2. Pat said to tell you guys that you are more hill billy than us!