Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to school

The girls both said that they had a good first day back at school. 
Actually, Darcy said it was fifty-fifty.
Grade six for Ry, grade four for Darcy... oh my!
Ryland is ecstatic to have the same teacher for both French and English.  It means that she gets the same desk all day too and doesn't need to share it with another student. 
Darcy on the other hand, is in the portable for half the day and then at the opposite end of the school for the other half.  She's upset about having to carry her bin (of supplies) back and forth!  Even worse there's assigned seating on the bus and she's not sitting with her bestest friend... pretty much the end of the world right there folks!
Ryland came home excited that she got compliments on her nails, her shoes, her shorts and her necklace. That in itself made today a success!
Darcy was much more concerned that she could smell fresh bread when she got home instead of the traditional chocolate chip cookies.  Daddy came through and the fresh, still warm chocolate chip cookies were waiting for them in the kitchen.

How did the first day back to school go in your home?

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  1. Ry looks like Heidi in this picture...and tell Darcy I love her bangs :)