Thursday, September 20, 2012

open house

One week ago we visited the kid's school to attend the annual open house BBQ.

Actually, our main purpose in attending was to meet everyone's teacher for this year.

We started in one of Darcy's classrooms, where she showed us her desk but her teacher had just started a one month medical leave so we didn't get to meet her.

Next was Ry's classroom where she showed us her various work books, her very tidy desk, a turtle shell and other neat stuff in her class.  She's very excited about having the one teacher all day and staying in the same classroom.

We met Darcy's English/Science/Math teacher out in the portable or 'cottage' as they like to call it. 

There we were able to see Darcy's "All about me" page complete with her picture and details of her favourite foods, books, movies and other stuff...

Finally we found ourselves in the kindergarten classroom. Caelan was quick to get his walker and zoom about pulling out different toys to show us.  We spoke to both his teachers independently and they both mentioned how well he was fitting in, his great personality and thought he was quite a comedian. 

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