Sunday, July 29, 2012


Saturday marked the end of the summer soccer season. 

No victories all season for their team, but a few ties.

Going into the tournament this weekend, Ryland (and Damian)'s team was standing in fifth place out of five teams;
  1. Team Silver
  2. Team Red
  3. Team Gold
  4. Team Blue
  5. Team Green
First they had to play Team Blue to qualify for the semi finals.  They were off to a great start and won that game 2:1.

Then they played Team Silver and won by a double tie breaker.  They first tied the game 2:2.  Then they tied the first round of penalty shots 2:2 (each team has five shots on net and which ever team scores most wins)They finally won in the second tie breaker 2:0!  It was getting tense!

The final game was against Team Red.  It wasn't looking good and by half time Team Green was behind 2:0.  However, those girls kicked it into high gear and managed to tie things up late in the second half, which meant another round of penalty shots.  Ry couldn't watch... it was so close...  After four penalty kicks it was still 0:0 and then Team Green scored on their fifth penalty shot.  They needed a big save and the goalie came through!!  Team Green won the tournament and came in first.  In celebration they got to dump all their water bottles on Dad! 

Ryland came home very happy about the gold medal hanging around her neck.  Very big smile on her face and some very tired legs, she says.

We couldn't have asked for a better introduction into team sports.  So proud of you and your team Ryland! xo

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