Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Report cards

The girls came home with fabulous report cards again this year.  Nothing below a "B" grade.  The "B" means the student has demonstrated the required knowledge and skills with considerable effectiveness.  Achievement meets the provincial standard.  They make their Momma very proud, especially since they both got lots of "A's" too. 

I thought I'd share some of the comments regarding their learning skills and work habits from their teachers.

  • Ryland is a kind and respectful student who works diligently to achieve success academically. 
  • She listens attentively in class and stays on task during work periods. 
  • She completes homework on time and with care.
  • She listens to and respects the ideas and opinions of others.
  • She works cooperatively with a group to reach the assigned goal or task.
  • She accepts responsibility for her own learning by listening attentively to the instructional lesson and grasping new concepts easily.
  • She is a very polite listener by respecting the rights and opinions of others.
  • Even thought Darcy displays confidence about most topics, concepts and learning activities, we would like her to show more interest towards new learning situations.
  • She begins her work promptly and completes class work on time.
  • She works very well without supervision and respectfully allows others to complete work without interruptions.
  • She gets along quite well with her peers and cooperates well with others when working in group situations.
  • It has been a pleasure teaching Darcy this year and we are very proud of the progress she has made over this year.

Hard to believe that Ryland will be in grade 6 and Darcy in grade 4 next year!!


  1. Oh I have such smart grandkids that is all I am saying about the fact that my grandkids are the best, don't want to brag so will not go on and on about how great they are( but I could if I wanted to I have lots of material:)

    Love the three of you! Gramma xx

  2. Proud of those girls they did great! xoxox