Wednesday, July 25, 2012

arrr matey!

This past weekend we took off to a Pirate Festival in Gananoque.

This was my highlite and probably why this became something I really thought we should do!

That's right folks... Me and Captain Jack!

He was there judging a belly flop contest that was entertaining, although a bit painful to watch.  They had children participating, adults and then some local celebrities who competed too.  OUCH!

The festival took place on the waterfront. On one side was the beach and the other the marina.  It was a beatiful day and really Gananoque is a lovely town.  We were impressed.

They created a small pirate village that honestly, Damian and I found a little disappointing but the kids had a blast.  Ryland and Darcy had their palms read and there were Buskers performing.  There was face painting and balloon animals - or swords for the true pirates!

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