Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yesterday afternoon we received an unexpected call from CHEO.

It appears they have a cancellation in the Operating Room tomorrow and ENT would like to schedule Caelan in for a scope.  They're going to take a look down his trachea at his vocal cords and the surgical site from last fall. 

I think this is a good thing. 

Unfortunately, we don't know much more.  We're not sure what they're looking for or hoping to see.  We're not sure if they expect things to be different from the last scope done in December 2011 when he was re-trached.  All we really know is that we have to be there by eleven in the morning and Caelan can't have any milk after midnight and no water past ten in the morning. 

We do know that they were able to coordinate with Urology and that Dr. L will come up to the OR and check if Caelan's testes have dropped, something that we've been unsuccessful in determining in clinic because Caelan gets too upset.  This prompted Damian and I to come up with a list of other things they could do while he was under general anaesthetic, all those things that make him upset, like change his mic-key, brush his teeth, trim his toe nails... The list would go on... It helped lighten our moods as the anxiety that fills our hearts every time our son goes through those double doors draws near.

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  1. Thoughts are with you today! Sending hugs
    Love you all