Friday, July 20, 2012

So as I said earlier, Caelan's scope on Wednesday went really well.  No drama, just the way we like it.  He went in a bit late since there were something like 30 some day surgeries that day!??!  But we were out of there just after four in the afternoon.  Caelan came out of the anaesthesia better than any time I remember.  Maybe this was because there shouldn't have been any real pain waking up this time but who knows.
There were no surprises and everything looked good.  We got pictures.  Dr. V wanted to check and make sure no scar tissue had formed since his last surgery, which haden't and that everything looked the way he wanted it to, which it did.  This is kind of a good news bad news thing because it really seems there's no reason for Caelan not to be able to breathe without his trache.  It's just him.  We speculate that it's because he can't manage the secretions since he's never had to learn how to swallow and he produces a lot of them!  There's also concern that perhaps lower down, closer to his lungs his trachea may be a bit soft and collapse on itself when he's breathing.  Yet he never seemed to have difficulty during the day, it was only at night that he was getting into trouble.  Or at least that's how it seemed at the time.  To try and see if he's ready to be decannulated again we need to plug his trache.  We can start with using the swedish nose more since it provides some resistance and move up to the speaking valve which would only allow him to breathe in through the trache but force him to push air up past the trache, his vocal cords and out through his mouth.  This would allow him to feel those secretions in his throat and hopefully learn to swallow them.  Unfortunately, because of all those same secretions both of these options are really difficult to put into practice.  It's a little frustrating.  We won't see Dr. V for about 6 months.

On a better note, Dr. L came up from urology and had no issue finding both Caelan's testes descended so no surgery required there!  Phew!!

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