Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OCTC Graduation

A couple of weeks ago Caelan graduated from the preschool at Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre.  We missed the actual graduation ceremony since Caelan only attended OCTC one day a week however, we still received a beautifully framed piece of Caelan's artwork and a binder filled with information about his school year paired with photos documenting some of his progress.  It was kind of like an amazing report card complete with pictures and I was pretty overwhelmed by it. 

I thought I'd share part of it:

... The following report was compiled based on observations, group work and individual programming of the Early Childhood Educators within OCTC preschool ... reflective of the entire preschool year.

Caelan started in the OCTC preschool in October 2011 and attends the preschool one afternoon a week.  He has made many wonderful gains throughout this preschool year and has blossomed in many areas.  His determination and hard work is reflected in this report.

In the area of communication, Caelan has made some nice improvements.  Caelan started in the OCTC preschool using many single signs to communicate his needs and wants.  As well, he was beginning  to imitate many single words and word approximations. In the late fall, Caelan's trache was reinserted.  This however did not affect his interest in communicating with those around him.  He continued o use his signs and very quickly began to lower his chin in order to block his trach.  This allowed him to be able to produce sounds, single words and word approximations.  Caelan is now using both single signs and at times some combined signs, some single words that he is imitating and or spontaneously using to request or comment.  He is also using gestures to point to what he wants.  He has become more of an active participant at circle by verbally requesting a turn, saying his name and also by filling in parts of familiar songs.  He also demonstrated more interest in imitating gross motor actions, turn-taking, listening and sharing.

In regards to his receptive language skills, he can follow one and two simple related commands and understands instructions such as "give me", "come here", "stop", "sit down" etc...  He responds to questions such as "who's turn?" by tapping his chest and by verbally saying his name or requesting a turn by verbally saying "I do".  Caelan will turn his head when his name is called and will provide consistent eye contact to the person who is talking.

In the area of fine motor and preschool concepts, we have seen some nice changes.  Caelan has been working very hard all year to get ready to enter junior kindergarten in the fall.  In regards to his puzzle skills, he is now able to complete 5+ shape puzzles and also completes 6-9 piece single inset puzzles independently.  He can also match 5+ colours as well as verbally identify and sign the colours red, blue, green and yellow.  He is also able to match a circle, square, triangle and rectangle in a lotto game.  Caelan can point to numerous parts of his body and also is able to verbally identify or sign many common objects from pictures. Caelan is also imitating a verbal and horizontal line as well as a circle.  He is very interested in this activity and has on several occasions completed a face.  He completes without assistance, a 5 piece shape sorter, places disks in a horizontal and vertical slot, can match the numbers from 1-10 in a game, places pegs in/out of a pegboard, builds an 8 block tower using one inch blocks.  He will place rings on/off a dowel, strings big and medium size beads and engages in many bilateral activities.  He is also beginning to recognize letters and can find the first letter of his name as well as points to the following letters: b, o, p, c, l.  Caelan has not shown any tactile defensiveness and fully enjoys a multitude of art and sensory activities to its fullest.

In the area of gross motor, Caelan will pull himself up to stand (requires adult supervision for safety) and enjoys playing in standing at a vertical surface.  His main means of mobility is bum scooting on the floor but will walk, if his two hands are being held by an adult.  He has, with adult facilitation, used a child's grocery cart to move around the classroom.  Caelan is currently using a "Nurmi Neo" walker during physiotherapy sessions. At this time, he requires close adult supervision for safety but is able to move the walker independently.  Caelan enjoys being mobile and explores his environment.

In the area of self-help, Caelan enjoys being independent.  When he needs his shirt changed he is an active participant.  He will put his arms up and helps to take off his shirt and to put it on.  He can remove his hat and is an active participant in dressing by putting his hat on and by pushing his arms through the sleeve of his coat.

It has been a pleasure for me to have been Caelan's teacher during the past year.  Caelan is a sweet boy who is affectionate to his teachers and enjoys adult interactions. 


  1. WTG Caelan, your mom & dad and sisters must be so proud:)


    1. You got that right Aunt Debbie!!