Saturday, July 14, 2012

to the beach

Going to the beach is probably one of the worst possible places to take Caelan.

Sand + water + trache = not a good idea!

I remember a very long time ago camping somewhere and being so disappointed because there was no beautiful sandy beach.  Instead, what was referred to as a 'beach' was covered in pebbles.  So it recently became my mission to find a rocky beach nearby that we could walk along as a family without too much anxiety.

Shirley's Bay is all rocks!  It's located off Carling between Moodie and March Road.  It was perfect!

Photograph taken by Ryland

We gathered up some big rocks and placed them on bigger rocks

The water wasn't too cold and the girls were off exploring

We threw lots and lots of rocks

Practiced skipping rocks and spent lots of time looking for the good flat ones

That's us!

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