Monday, July 9, 2012

Kindercare graduation

I don’t even know where to start.

Every time I try I get all emotional.

Kindercare has been amazing.

They had a little graduation ceremony for them.  Each student was able to show their parents all the hard work they did in their alphabet book and their name book.  They each received their own Kindercare t-shirt and the name magnets that they used every morning to show they were there.  Most precious though was a dvd.  A dvd full of pictures taken of our children throughout the year.  It was amazing to see how much they’ve grown and changed.  More exciting for me was to see proof of Caelan interacting with his peers, of him socializing, of him having friends.  This I will treasure forever.  It was quite an experience to watch this dvd with all the children and to hear them all calling out each others names as their images appeared on the screen.

To hear one of the Directors speaking of all they’ve accomplished this past year it’s clear that she loves what she does and that all these children hold a special place in her heart.  I don’t know how she held it together because I was tearing up!  My son was graduating from Preschool.
The Director had something unique to say about each child and then each child was presented with a framed certificate.   One was recognized as the Alphabet Wizard, one as the Dress Up Queen, another as the class Handy Man.  There was the Good Friend, the Little Teacher and the Energizer Bunny and many others.  Something very special to say about each and every child.  It means so much that someone took the time to really know your child.  There was so much thought put into this and I waited anxiously to see what would be said about Caelan.

I believe it was said that she could “speak volumes” on him and that there was a special mischievous look in his eye and I knew.  That’s Caelan.  Such personality in my little guy; that little twinkle in his eye that bring s a smile to your face even on the most miserable of days.  Caelan was awarded the honour of Class Comedian. 

Here's Caelan showing off his award to Miss Kim.  Kim was at Kindercare everyday with Caelan and I have nothing but amazing things to say about her.  I am so grateful for everything she gave Caelan this year because if Kim wasn't there, Caelan wouldn't have been able to have this experience. 

I'm so disappointed that Miss Kim will probably not be following Caelan into kindergarten.  If only it was my decision, she would be there in a heartbeat!  The nurse and aid who do eventually get assigned to him next year have a lot to live up to!

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