Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your Son!

That's the greeting Damian received as he walked into Preschool this afternoon.

"Your Son!"  (With the appropriate accusatory tone)

Well, let's face it... Anytime it's clarified that a child is "yours", you know there's trouble!

Apparently, our son, didn't think he should nap today.  He chose instead to bounce on his cot.  He was told to lie down and reminded that it was quiet time.  Twice.  He objected.  Vehemently.  He got upset.  He asked for Dad.  He got more upset.  He held his breath.  He held his breath some more, and in true Caelan fashion he turned blue and passed out.  Nap time!

There was some concern, maybe verging on panic, but no phone calls home were made.  We had warned them that this was his M.O. so they weren't surprised, it was just the first time they had the chance to witness it.  All in all, I think that's pretty good considering he's been attending the preschool since October.  (Except for all the time he spent in the hospital.)

He's still allowed to go back tomorrow so it couldn't have been that bad!


  1. Oh dear our boy does have a temper!
    Gramma xx

  2. Grampa says with tears of laughter coming down his cheeks "Who's side of the family does that come from"!

  3. wow..living up to that red hair!

  4. I like this one!! I'm still laughing hard! So happy he's off all his added meds too.
    Take Care Pam

  5. LOL, what a turkey. This just put the smile on my face I needed! So funny!