Tuesday, February 14, 2012

stomach bug

I've been meaning to update on our fabulously busy weekend but Mr. Flu decided to make an unexpected and unwanted visit to our family.  I guess two of us getting our flu shot wasn't a clear enough message for Mr. Flu to stay away.  Can't say too much since the two of us that got the shot were the first two to show symptoms of this visit.

Caelan started on Saturday night and although there was no more diarrhea on Sunday he was far from himself.  Fundo is still holding strong so no vomitting despite his best efforts at gagging himself.  We were cautious with his feed, giving him only water overnight, then half and half all at a rate of 25% of what he's used to.  We slowly increased this and today he seems to be tolerating everything as normal.  Feels good to get through this without having to visit CHEO.

I started late Monday afternoon, coming home from work to head straight for bed (and the bathroom).  Darcy started around 9pm and Ryland followed suit around 11pm.  Made for a very long night as someone was up every half hour at least.  Damian has been holding strong, but it's taking a lot of effort.

Tonight I think we're all feeling better.  I'd say this is a good 12-24 hour bug and I'm happy to see it packing it's bag and hitting the road!  (I'm not happy about all the laundry it's left in it's wake though!!)


  1. That is too bad, sucks when everyone is sick in the house it was really lucky that Damian didn't get it, or at least not too bad. It is nice to hear that Caelan can fight a bug on his own without a trip to the hospital.
    Gramma xx

    1. I'm not sure how much luck has to do with it... he's just that stubborn!! He really hates throwing up! LOL!! xo

  2. Just thought I'd let you know that the flu shot is for Influenza - cold symptoms, fever, body aches, feeling crappy for a few weeks. Unfortunately there is no vaccine for Gastro - glad you were able to handle things without going to CHEO. Yes I am using that voice, sorry!:)