Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend wrap up

I had a great weekend!

Friday night I spent the night at my sisters with our sister-friend.  We had a fabulous night and I'm glad that it's something we're making an effort to do more often.  We probably ate too much, drank too much and stayed up too late, but nobody felt the worse for wear so it couldn't have been that bad!! 

I arrived home on Saturday just in time for a date with my hubby.  We had hoped to see a movie but nothing really appealed.  We had some errands to run - bulk barn, dollar store, the bank...  Doesn't sound like a fun time, but errands without children are always a pleasure.  We went for a lovely dinner and talked.  We have lots of big decisions on the horizon and it was nice to be able to have an uninterrupted conversation.  We used to go away every 6 months just the two of us - they were our 'business meetings'; we would discuss our finances, our plans, our goals, our dreams, whatever we needed to talk about.  Well, since Caelan was born those haven't happened.  This reminded us both how much we need to figure out a way to schedule those in.  We may not be able to get an entire weekend away but we should make more of an effort to schedule something.

When we arrived home, we received the news that Mr. C was a sick little guy.  He'd had his bum changed 6 times in the past hour, he asked to go to bed, he didn't tolerate his feed, he was gagging himself... argh!  Not good news.  We are so grateful to our Nurse for sticking it out and giving us our break... (even more so when I found out she also got the same flu) 

Sunday morning it was clear that Caelan still wasn't himself. 
He wanted snuggling.  Constantly.  Completely understandable.

I baked cupcakes, made heart shaped rice krispie squares with pink frosting and decorated for Darcy's Valentine's Day Party.  We had three of her friends over to decorate cupcakes, enjoy some pink popcorn and other treats and make a V-day craft.  I hope they all had a good time.  I know Darcy was happy.  She asked for a Halloween Party, but we weren't up for it with Caelan's sleepless nights and multiple CHEO stays.  She asked again for a Christmas Party and again we were saying "no" because Caelan had only just come home from the hospital the week before.  When she asked for this party, I knew our my weekend was busy, but really all she wanted was a playdate with three or four friends... anything I did special for V-day would just be bonus.  It helped keep me a little sane.

That was it... party, party, party!!  Go, go, go... and that's why I wanted a break after my weekend!
Note:  I didn't want that break to take place in the form of the flu!!

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