Monday, February 27, 2012

My Ryland is growing up

This weekend Ryland was very excited about her first overnight school trip.  She’s off for three days and two nights to an Ecole de Neige Program in St-Emile-de-Suffolk Quebec, just over two hours away.

Girls stay in one cabin, boys in the other and for what it’s worth the girls’ cabin is bigger. That’s an important bragging right when your 10 years old! They’ll get to live in their own private cabin with their friends during their stay. They’ll be responsible for their own activity schedule and sports equipment too.

There will be cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and broomball, hiking, skating and tubing. Sounds like some fun-filled days to me and if they're still not exhausted by all that fresh winter air, they have evening activities planned too!! On their first night there they’ll go night tubing and have an outdoor bonfire and their second night there’s a dance!

My little girl is growing up.

I know we’ve spent years trying to teach her how to be more responsible and independent, that’s what everyone wants for their children… but I’ll admit that it took everything in me not to check her bags for this trip. Damian handed her the list of things she needed and she packed everything herself. When he handed her the list I was thinking that she’d start by putting everything out on her bed and I’d come in and help her later. However, she packed everything in her bags and I have no idea what she brought. I think I might have some control issues because it was really hard not to pull everything out and repack for her. I also tried really hard not to ask too many questions like “Did you pack your toothbrush?” … I probably did though.

Sometimes it feels as though time is going so slow. I catch myself wishing away different stages of behaviour and attitude. Then at other times, life is just going by so fast. Ryland is already in grade five and she’s quick to remind me that there’s only one more year after this one before she heads off to the high school. Ugh.

I can only hope that we’ve prepared her well… 


  1. You are better than me I would have checked lol

  2. I agree with Laura...I would have found some way to sneak a look : )
    I am the mother of a 14yr old girl who looks like she could be 21 and she's a knock did that happen? She is in high school and she is an amazing young lady..well mannered, loved by her friends and I'm told by all of her teachers "a pleasure to have in class". This year she's made the honor roll..can you tell I'm proud? Ryland will make you proud..our children are extensions of us.....Ry's got AMAZING parents : ) She will surprise you and amaze you I was not looking forward to the teenage years but so far so good...
    miss you,

    1. You should be proud - brag away Momma!!
      miss you too, xo, T

  3. She's home and hasn't mentioned missing anything... See I knew she could pack for herself. :)