Thursday, February 23, 2012

True Monkeys!

We had a CHEO Trio reunion this past weekend.

The boys are growing up and moving faster.

Getting a pic of all three together is becoming quite a challenge.

Before things got completely out of control…

We got the Dads to hold them up for a picture!


  1. Love the picture of the boys and their Dads it is so cute! They are a handsome trio okay the Dads are pretty handsome too but gotta say it is the little ones who melt my heart.

    It is nice to see the boys hanging out with friends and nice for the parents to stay in touch, it is so easy to let friendships slide when life gets busy but nice that you have each other.

    Take good care of each other!!! Life is short enjoy every day.
    Gramma xxxx

  2. Great pics Tanya. What a wonderful night that was. Our boys (young and old) have such interesting and unique personalities. I love when they get together and they can all shine in their own way! Thanks for posting these. Would love a copy of all 6 amigos when ever you can find some time to share it!
    Joanna XXOO