Friday, December 9, 2011

so close but still so far

Well, tomorrow will mark two weeks since Caelan was re-admitted back into the Intensive Care Unit at CHEO.  Today, Caelan was moved up to the floor (5E).  It's a little bittersweet as we were really hoping to be discharged from the PICU and avoid going up to the floor at all costs.  Too many nasty bugs in the hospital at this time of year...

Caelan's doing really well but still hanging on to that last little bit of oxygen.  I misunderstood yesterday as I thought that prior to the trache change he was off the oxygen but apparently not.  They added a very small amount of oxygen to his humidity and that's what's keeping his sats up.  They tried again last night to take that last little bit away and his sats immediately dropped and hovered between 88-90, which is unacceptable.  With that little bit added he stays in the mid 90s.

In addition to his lazy breathing, the other thing keeping us in hospital is the lack of nursing available in the community.  Our main nurse, who previously worked 4-5 nights a week with Caelan, had to look for work elsewhere when Caelan's trache was removed.  I'm happy to say she found a great position but at the same time I'm so sorry that she's no longer going to be coming here.  It took a long time to get that comfort level and continuity of care with our night nursing and I dread starting all over.  Especially since we found out today that the agency that we used to get our nurses through is unable to support the schedule we've requested.  That means that we probably won't be seeing any familiar faces at all and truly starting from scratch with new nurses from different agencies.  I'm really not looking forward to it.


  1. Hope Santa sends you a nursing angel for Christmas. Lyanne

  2. We'll keep our fingers crossed that your stay comes to an end in a couple of days!