Monday, December 12, 2011

hate this

We've always been a team
you and me against the world
us against them

Together there was nothing we couldn't face
nothing we couldn't accomplish
nothing we couldn't overcome

There would be stress
it would be hard
but we were together

This is the first time in three years
that we've had a serious difference of opinion
about Caelan's care
and it's not even really that...

We both want the same thing in the end

We're just both frustrated
and stressed
and disappointed

We're still a team
we're just not working together
or seeing things the same way

we're malfunctioning
and it sucks.


  1. You guys will get through sorry...again wish I was close : (

    I take comfort knowing what AMAZING family you both have who are close and is the time to lean on them and take them up on those offers of help..praying things get better and a nurse appears soon so you guys can get home.

  2. Hang in there guys, sometimes when it seems the bleakest and like it is harder than you can handle it is easy to think that you are alone and not a pair. But remember that a piece of twine alone is not very strong but when you weave them together they become a strong rope. This may be a good time to take all the offerings of twine from everyone and weave a rope, easier said than done I know. Love you both! Gramma xxx

  3. Nursings here - never fear! Now all will be well again! Besides 3yrs and only one serious difference of opinion?? Wish I could say we have only had one in the last 3 yrs!