Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candy Cane Red Velvet Trifle

This was my first attempt at ever making a red velvet cake...

Darcy and I were both impressed by the batter and thought it deserved it's own photo.  She thought it looked like play-doh!

Here's the finish product:

not the best lighting at the dinner table

Compared to the LCBO photo:

Look at those perfect layers!
 not bad, eh?  Here's the link for the recipe.  I definitely recommend it... super yummm!


  1. how did it taste? it looks very yummy and since I am hosting Christmas dinner for 10 (yikes) I'm looking for a "make ahead" dessert that won't take a lot of work and I'd love to use my trifle bowl : )

    I still have to make a gingerbread with rum sauce..I made it for Thanksgiving this year and Ethan hasn't stopped asking me to make it for him again..I think he liked it a lot : )

  2. Oh..i see the comment under the LCBO pic super yummm...guess I'll be making it this weekend...and your picture looks just as good as the LCBO pic!

  3. Good for you Tanya, was going to try it for the Whyte Xmas but chickened out and made my own trifle, that I usually make, Looks like the pic and that is a good thing:)