Wednesday, December 7, 2011

breath in, breath out...

They continued to wean Caelan's vent overnight so that this morning once he was awake we could stop it all together.  It went pretty well.  He certainly worked a bit harder but seemed to be adjusting.  I get the impression that there was some concern as most felt he should have been able to wean quicker from the vent.  (What else is new? Everyone thinking Caelan should be able to do things quicker!?!?)  I got the idea that they thought he should remember how to breathe with the trache but Caelan likes to prove everyone wrong and needed to go step by step.  I just think the vent makes it so easy and makes Caelan a bit lazy.  Breathing is hard work, ya know!  Anyway, he seemed to be doing well and we're just hoping he doesn't get tuckered out.

ENT came in to do the trache change early this afternoon and that went about as good as can be expected.  They changed the trache from a 4.5 Bivona cuffed PED to a 4.0 Shiley PED - don't worry that's more for me than you!  Basically they went down a size, however, I have to say it looks a lot bigger than the neonatal trache he had in before!!  Probably a lot more appropriate for his size though...

The hallucinations continued today.  My poor boy.  At least they don't seem to be frightening him, so I guess that's a good thing.  They do distract him though.  He'll be focused on someone who's talking to him when all of a sudden something catches his interest up there on the ceiling... sometimes he reaches up to 'touch' or 'grab' whatever it is he is seeing...  It's kind of funny, but not funny all at the same time.

His face is still expressionless and that really bothers me.  At least it's familiar this time and I know that as the drugs get out of his system more and more of our Caelan will shine through.  He's starting to move his mouth a bit, pulling his lips in, and sometimes scrunches up his eyes but that's about it. oh and he can pout like nobodies business!

Now, we wait - again.  So much waiting...

I just hope that Caelan agrees that all is good and he's just as anxious to get home as we are!


  1. Oh Tanya....I just cry reading this as I know full well about the drug withdrawals. Those memories will never fade and still terrify me. It is heartwrenching for a parent to see their child suffer through this. I am praying they go away soon and signs of your happy Caelan return. It has been such a long haul and you just deserve to be home. Baby steps but moving forward nonetheless :)) Heather xoxo

  2. patience is a virtue

    Have I written that already somewhere on this blog?? Caelan seems to be determined to teach you guys that lesson over and over and over!