Saturday, December 17, 2011

The details

Late Thursday afternoon we heard rumours of possibly 3 nights a week of nursing.  It completely raised our spirits and our hopes, but faced us with another decision.  With three nights of nursing, do we take it and get out of the stinkin' hospital or do we hold out for more?  When were they able to start?  How soon before other nights were covered?  So many questions...  We both really wanted to have our family under one roof for Christmas yet we knew that we'd have to really stay on top of the situation to get other nights covered.

Friday morning we got even better news.  We had a nurse for three nights next week!  December 20, 21 and 23.  Nothing available for 24 or 25 which is pretty much to be expected.  Then starting on December 26th we'd have full coverage for Monday to Friday and alternating weekends!

I admit to being completely shocked.  They really didn't inspire much hope for nursing at all.  In fact they really didn't even give the impression they were working on it.  Everyone at the hospital who wasn't CCAC would have words of encouragement and offer whatever they could, but the actual team who organizes the nursing support seemed quite hands off.  They basically wished us good luck and told us to try going through our private insurance.  We were infuriated!  After many phone calls (to Managers, Directors and nursing agencies) we found out that they were in fact still working on it and meetings were taking place to get services in order as soon as possible.

All that to be said that we wasted no time getting Caelan's prescriptions in order and hightailing it out of there!!  We brought him home last night to some very excited and surprised girls!! We were more than willing to suffer through a few nights on our own to have our boy home with us.  Especially knowing that we have nursing just around the corner!!  It feels SO GOOD to have him HOME!!!

I have to admit to being a bit disappointed that we won't be using the same nursing agency that we had in the past.  We met some amazing nurses and am sorry we won't be having them back.  I can only hope that we meet some new fabulous nurses who mean as much to our son and family as some of them. xo


  1. Now that is a Christmas gift! Try to top that one!!! So glad everyone is where they belong--HOME:)

  2. Yipee! Very happy for you guys, some nursing is better then none I would think! Hope all is going well.
    Pam XO