Monday, December 12, 2011

no nursing

Absolutely no nursing available in the community
with no end in sight...

That's means that Caelan is in the hospital indefinitely
using up a bed and resources that could be better used.

If we take Caelan home he'll still be on "the list"
for whenever nursing becomes available
but we lose the push from the hospital

We would be considered "coping" on our own.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that there is no nursing and no end in sight. Thinking of you at this tough time and keeping my fingers crossed for a better solution soon.

    Heather Wilson

  2. Remember when Caelan was ready to come home for the very first time and there was no nursing available. Then everything fell in place and nursing became available. Let's hope the same thing will happen again and soon.
    Love, Nana

  3. Hang in there guys. I know those words mean so little right now but I have every faith in 'team' Piche and that the right nurse will fall into place (if they fell from the sky right about now with Santa's sleigh it would be a very good thing!) I wonder if anyone in the NICU knows of anyone? I remember the nurses there saying that some of the former NICU nurses retire and then do private care in homes. Do you think they would have any leads for you there? Probably not helpful or the way the system works but go back to the beginning. We will ask Santa to help bring Caelan his nurse and his Mommy and Daddy a deserved break. Hold on to each other xoxo Love Heather

  4. Still hoping for a Christmas miracle, to send a nursing angel your way.xoxo Lyanne