Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - chocolate

After Easter we've still all I've got chocolate on the brain.  So here's my ten most favourite chocolate bars... I think.  I tried to stick to real "bars"
  1. Lindt Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel
  2. Lindt Dark Chocolate Chili
  3. Cadbury Fruit and Nut
  4. After Eight - yes they make a real chocolate bar!
  5. Crunchie
  6. Big Turk
  7. Hershey Cookies n' Cream
  8. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  9. Mars
  10. Mr. Big
For the record;
  • I would choose m&m's over smarties everytime, despite my husbands love for the latter.
  • Mars over Snickers lately but that wasn't always the case.  Just got some stale peanut flavour once too many times and now always pick Mars.
  • I used to always choose my chocolate bar treat based on weight per dollar, especially if I didn't have a real hankering for a specific bar.  Now, I'm more likely to want quality over quantity.
  • With the more expensive choices I've never eaten an entire bar at on sitting.  I'm much more likely to break off a square, really savour it and drag the bar out for a week!
  • There are some chocolates that my husband just doesn't appreciate enough to eat.
So tell me, what's your favourite??  Which ones did I miss?
For the record this list was harder to make than I thought it would be!!


  1. Addicted to Dairy Milk Mint....followed close by Dairy Milk plain & fruit & nut. I've been wanting to try Lindt Dark Chocolate Chili...now that I know you like it I have to try it, I will pick one up on my way home from boot camp tonight, if I'm not to bagged. I also like Cherry Blossoms A LOT something about that cherry/chocolate combo. You are so right about the quality of chocolate, only takes a small piece to satisfy the craving : )
    Miss you girlfriend xoxo

  2. You did well but You missed Laura Secord French Mint.
    Mom xoxoox

  3. You guys are all weird! Mint? Cherries? EEK!!! Chocoalte bars should be as far from fruit and other healthy things as possible! :-)
    My faves:
    Crispy Crunch
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    Dairy Milk
    Oh Henry
    Kit Kat
    Now that's a good list!
    And now, I want chocolate! Forget that i'm already 3.5 pounds over my maximum weight! Thanks a lot! ;-)

  4. Turtles and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups would have definitely made the list if they were actual bars!!! hehehe Crispy Crunch and Caramilk were close too... yummm... Good things we've still got Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs in the house!

  5. I got in trouble for not commenting on this one! So I am making up for it. BTW, in the conversation about this it caused me so much thought that on the way home I bought a Fleur de Sel!

    These are in no particular order since it depends on the craving of the moment:

    Cadbury Fruit and Nut
    Laura Secord French Mint
    Laura Secord Butter Mellow (they don't make it anymore)
    Big Turk
    Reese PB Cups
    Crunchie (remember spliting it behind the drugstore?)
    Mars Dark
    Cherry Blossoms
    LIndt Chocolate Chili
    Lindt Fleur de Sel
    Lindt mint
    Sweet Georgia Browns
    Rolo (chewy not creamy)

    OH I am sooo over 10 and could keep going.......

    Fleur de Sel