Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, I must admit that being back at work doesn't provide much excitement for the blog.  I'm having a very difficult time figuring out what to blog about.  I wake up, get ready and leave for work just as the rest of the family is getting moving.  Work is work.  It's ok, but not blogworthy.  It's a dry enough subject matter while at work, I don't need to put you all asleep too!  I get home about a half hour after the girls, and our evening routine is the same.

People have asked me how Damian is adjusting to being home.  My answer is always the same.  He's doing great!  Showing me up is what he's doing.  I come home to a tidy house full of happy children and supper being prepared if not all ready!!  I am such a lucky lady!  I should really thank my in-laws for raising such an amazing man.

I've also been asked if Caelan misses me.  I've always replied that I've missed him more.  I often get no more than a glance when I return home after work.  However, I think that may be changing.  Today Caelan signed for me to 'come' when I came home and then he pulled himself up to give me a big hug.  Made my day!!  He's been getting more snuggly, huggy, kissy with me in the evening and I'm not complaining because I miss my boy during the days.

Guess we'll just have to start packing a week's worth of fun into our weekends!!


  1. Someone once told me that it is not that your children don't miss you when you are not there it is just that you have raised them to feel secure that you will be back. I always hoped this was true as my kids were sometimes unaware when I returned or at least gave that perception. I like to think that their minds were being so active learning new stuff and that they were secure in the knowledge that I always loved them so no energy needed in confirming that.

  2. yeah...those inlaws of yours seem pretty great to me too! I love reading gramma's comments...we can all learn from them.

  3. Damian is a great husband! Always has been! But this is extra impressive that he has made the transition so smoothly. Your kids are awesomely adaptable - how did you guys instill that? You are very brave going back out into the big wide world. I might have to come take lessons from all of you!