Sunday, May 29, 2011


The girls had a day off from school on Friday.
It was raining, again.

Solution: Museum of Science and Tech!

So off Daddy went with all three kids, and Gramma too!

From what I understand the girls were most excited about getting back to those tunnel slides they love so much, but trains had been mentioned to Caelan and he wasn't shaking that idea!! 

He signed trains on the way there.  "Yes we're going to see trains, that's right!"

He signed trains in the parking lot.  "Yes, trains."

He signed trains as they bought their tickets for the museum.  "Yes, we're going to see trains."

He signed trains as the girls enjoyed the slides.  "Soon, soon we'll see trains."

He signed trains, he signed trains, he signed trains... 

Come, come, come he signed as the girls stop to look at other exhibits along the way...

and then finally they were at the TRAINS!!

Trains, trains, trains he signed and pointed, pointed and signed.

I can only imagine the excitement.

I can only wish that they'd remember the camera...

I would have loved to have been there with them, but would have settled for a captured moment of time.


  1. It was fun Tanya wish that you could have been there too. Damian so felt bad about forgetting the camera he mentioned it not as often as Caelan signed trains but often:) You guys have done a wonderful job with your family they are such a pleasure to spend time with.

  2. I can only imagine his excitement - not only seeing trains but being able to go in them (at least from what I remember).