Sunday, May 1, 2011

Menu Review

You may have noticed that our menu last week was a little ambitious on my part.  We tried five new recipes and I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you know how it went.

Monday homemade egg rolls, kung pao chicken and chow mein.

The chicken was fabulous and I think it was the winner of the week.  We all really liked it.  Next time I think I'll double the sauce and add carrots, broc and peppers and serve over rice.  The egg rolls were pretty good but Ry didn't like them (they were vegetarian) and as expected a little fussy to make.  I cheated on the chow mein because I found an old flavour packet in the back of our cupboard, it was actually what inspired this dinner!  As a result we all found it very salty and I'm now on a mission to find a good "from scratch" chow mein recipe.

Tuesday honey glazed pork tenderloin

Simple.  Easy.  Very tasty.  Served with roasted sweet potato and beets with salad.  Everyone ate it so we call that a success!

Wednesday black bean cakes and mango salsa 

Not diffucult to make but not much of a success as neither girl would eat it - Actually I think Darcy ate half.  The black bean cakes had a bit of a mushy texture, which may have been a bit my fault as I did smash them beyond recognition...  The mango salsa was yummy and will probably be made again just to eat with tortilla chips!

Thursday pizza pizza ....  yah um... Damian and I had a workshop in town that I'll fill you in on soon.  We ate out and the girls were treated to pizza pizza with Nana and Gramspy.

Friday peanut pork noodle salad

Well I think Damian and I were both a little nervous making this but it was good.  I enjoyed the flavour and it was easy since the pork had been cooked earlier in the week.  It's a lot of cabbage though and I'm curious to see how my tummy handles it.  Unfortunately the girls didn't enjoy it at all.  Darcy ate the meat and cabbage and left her noodles ( which is previously unheard of!?!?!?) because she decided she didn't like the sauce.  I think she kept eating the cabbage because, a. we didn't give her very much and b. she was trying to figure out what it was.  When the girls were young I renamed red cabbage purple princess lettuce, so we called this princess fiona lettuce.  Ry had her mind set not to like it from the minute she sat down at the dinner table.

So this week... not so adventurous. 
It's my last week home alone with the boy.  I'd like to enjoy it.
Damian starts his leave next week and we'll spend it together trying to get everything organized... Then heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work I go ...

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  1. You are so ambitious! We had great meals all weekend but tonight KD and hotdogs as requested! I never say no to an easy dinner like that! ;-)