Friday, May 20, 2011

C & C

Caelan and Campbell.
Two Mr. C's.
Two corners of the NICU for too many months.

About a month ago these two boys were able to spend some quality time together.  These are always special moments.

Caelan gets very excited when a friend comes to play and is very insistent that they do just that once here.

He doesn't care that Campbell can't sit unsupported, he wants his friend to sit with him at his table and play.  If Campbell tries to take a rest, Caelan is quick to tap someone to get Campbell back in the seated position to play.  Caelan makes sure to give Campbell a toy in his hand.  I imagine him saying "play with me, my friend".

Caelan doesn't care that Campbell can't see.  He wants his friend to look at his books with him.  Such a hard concept for a little guy to get.  He taps him and attempts to get his attention, he so wants him to look.  We tell him that he's listening to the story.  So concerned that his friend isn't looking at the pictures, but smart enough to take his hand an let him feel the book.  I imagine him saying "read with me, my friend".

If he notices that Campbell isn't colouring with him he takes his tiny hand in his, opens his grasp and places a crayon within.  He closes Campbell's fingers around the crayon and brings it to the paper.  I imagine his saying "colour with me, my friend".

When Campbell cries, Caelan tries to comfort him.  He'll tap nearby parents and point to Campbell, making sure that they are aware that Campbell is indeed crying (in case they don't hear it!).  Caelan will rub Campbell's head, tummy or back and bring him toys in an effort to make him feel better.  I imagine him saying "it will be alright, my friend".

I love when Campbell is the recipient of Caelan hugs and kisses.  I imagine him saying "I love you, my friend".

Caelan doesn't recognize his own limitations let alone those of his friend.  It makes me so proud.

Facing challenges together.
Building friendships to last forever.

Campbell's parents, Joanna and Bert, kept a daily blog during the months that Campbell was in hospital.  It's still occasionally updated with momentous occasions and milestones reached.  If you'd like to learn more about his journey, you can find it here.


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  2. Tanya: What a beautiful blog. We both remember this day in the very same way. It was so special and joyful. When I watch our boys play, or when I watch the boys at all, I watch in awe of where they are today. The CHEO TRIO has come so far and achieved so much in there little lives. Thanks for this post and reminding me of the amazing children we have. The TRIO is a gift to us and I am so proud of our boys and can't wait to see their friendships grow and their limits broken again and again.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Joanna XXOO

  3. Campbell and Caelan are wonderful boys and are very lucky to have such special parents!

  4. Just had a good look through Campbell's blog and pics. He has gotten so big and is really looking like a toddler- no more baby! That happens too fast, doesn't it?????!!!