Monday, May 16, 2011

First day back

Today I went to work. That alone was a big adjustment.

You could almost say it was fun getting ready for work this morning.

I stayed to see the girls off to school. My son woke up early enough to be able to give me kisses goodbye and wave in the front window.

As far as work goes, I hear there are some major changes for me to learn but I haven’t really started worrying too much about that. Just getting settled in. Some things that are coming backto me slowly, other things that still haven’t and probably won’t for a while, if ever.

My desk is in a new spot but I’m lucky enough to have some familiar friendly faces around. Others were kind enough to come over and welcome me back. Lots and lots of new faces and I should probably make my way around and introduce myself but ugh… that really isn’t my style.  Do you think I could just ignore them all? Let them speculate about that new lady in the office for a while.

I had to laugh aloud when I couldn’t remember how to use the phones that I trained everyone on a couple of months before leaving. I was able to update my voicemail and retrieve messages just couldn’t make it not go directly to voicemail. Missed the first call from my boss before figuring it out.

Also couldn’t get my computer to work but was smart enough to realize that the monitor simply wasn’t plugged in. There were a lot more icons on my desktop and I’m really not sure what they all do. I did discover that this blog is blocked as inappropriate from my employer. Huh!

Coffee machine is different and I only put coffee in my first cup of tea.

Found out there’s a new hire class starting in one month. Do you think they’ll expect me to train that or do you think they’ll let me attend?

The box of my stuff that has been in storage for the past two and a half years has been unpacked and the pictures are all back out on my desk. I desperately need to bring in some updated photos. And a box of Kleenex. I also forgot how unbelievably cold the office is and will make sure to bring in an extra sweater tomorrow.

I think it will all be okay.

Oh, except when I left the office the car wouldn't start.  Apparently, I must have left the lights on and drained the battery.  Except I checked and I didn't leave the lights on.  Unless I checked wrong...


  1. Not sure waht to say.... you seem to be taking it all really well! The one statement summed it up... " I think it will all be okay."

  2. It WILL all be okay. Great blog Tanya. The first week is almost done! Just think what the weekend will mean to you now.
    Joanna XXOO