Monday, January 31, 2011

wedding countdown

After 12 stores and a 7 hour marathon shopping adventure with the whole family on Saturday, the girls have shoes for Auntie Toad's wedding on Saturday.  There were enough black leather-rubber soled-clunky shoes for the girls but nothing that I deemed fancy enough for being in a bridal party. We were all extremely happy when we finally found what we were looking for! What a long day, but it all worked out in the end.  To be honest it actually went quite well.  Everyone stayed in good humour.  We also managed to get Daddy's hair cut and Ry's trimmed and thinned while we were out.

After such a long Saturday we spent Sunday relaxing.  We took the kids in search of a sledding hill in the Larose Forest paths behind our house.  The snowmobiles keep the trails easily walkable during the winter, but they also make sledding on the true trails a little nerve racking.  No worries, Daddy took them 'off road' and they made their own sledding path through the trees. Caelan had fun listening to the girls squeal in delight as they came flying down the hill. It was a beautiful day, not too cold, sun shining and fresh snow all around.  We came home to some hot cocoa and snuggled in to watch a Harry Potter movie (of course!).

We have a busy schedule leading up the big day.  Today, Caelan had his Blind Low Vision therapy.  Again, he had a blast. This time she brought a huge box full of dried kidney beans that he dropped onto aluminum pie plates (which made plenty of racket) and searched for hidden treasures in.  We also worked on some puzzles and stacking toys.  She was pleased with his performance and of course, thought he looked awful handsome in his new glasses!

Tonight I get a wee escape to get my hair trimmed.
Tomorrow we have a pre-assessment appointment at CHEO for Caelan's up coming anesthetic for his dental work next Tuesday the 8th and then an appointment with Cardiology in the afternoon.  In between we're hoping to head over to OCTC to squeeze in an occupational therapy visit.  It's going to be a long day.  If anyone is going to be there let me know and maybe we can catch up fora visit or lunch!?
Wednesday we have our ASL lesson... and apparently a snow storm is forecast...
Thursday is the wedding rehearsal and that just gets the ball rolling for all things wedding for us as the girls and I will be staying at my Moms on Friday, the night before the wedding, along with Tam and Heidi.
Not long now...

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  1. busy but exciting times....enjoy the wedding madness Tanya...sounds like fun>