Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what a weekend!

Our primary nurse is sick with a terrible flu and we hope she starts feeling better soon because we'd like to see her smiling face again!! 
She's had to call in sick her last four shifts and they were only able to replace her one of those... no wonder we miss her so! 
Leading up to the weekend we had no nurse on Thursday or Friday night, but then the fun began!!

We had continuous nursing booked from 9AM Saturday until noon SUNDAY!!! 
This is a first for us since Caelan was born.  Our nurse showed up on Saturday morning only moments before Damian's parents came to get the girls for their sleepover and then we were out of here!
Saturday nursing was kind of a bonus so we didn't really have grand plans, just shopping all by ourselves.

Fun martinis at The Keg with Tam, xo

We did have plans for dinner with Tam and Pat at The Keg, yumm.
Good friends, good conversation, good food and good drinks,
what more could you ask for?
A hotel for the night?  Check! woohoo!
It was sooo nice to sleep in.  

Before that though, we also headed to MVP's for Heidi and Jimmy's last big party night before getting married.  It wasn't what I expected and I kinda felt like we 'missed it' as not long after we arrived did everyone start leaving.  I'm trying not to take it personally, lol!  It was still really nice to see everyone and put some faces to names I've heard.

Sunday morning we picked up the girls and were home by 11:30 to see our smiling boy - who didn't even seem that excited to see us. 
In fact I wondered if he might be snubbing us a bit for leaving him?!
Didn't last long though!

What a wonderful break from routine! 
Damian and I really needed this; it felt good to reconnect.

Last night was another night without our nurse so I'm feeling a bit like a zombie having been up since 3ish...


  1. I really hope you have nursing for Saturday night....

  2. I am so glad that you had a good time, we all need to reconnect with our spouse and friends on an adult level it keeps us sane, or at least partially there for when our darling children don't act so darling:)