Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer camps

The girls have had a pretty busy summer!

They participated in two different summer camps this year and seemed to enjoy both of them.

The week before our holidays they spent their days at Camp LOA

Ryland did her second year of horseback riding camp and I'm almost certain that she'll be wanting to return again next year.  She loves it that much!  This year she rode Scarlet, one of the bigger horses.  They don't only get to ride the horses they're also responsible for untacking the horses, giving them snack, cleaning the barn and learn all about taking care of them too.  They also got to spend a portion of their day swimming and playing other sports or making crafts if the weather didn't cooperate.
Darcy started her week in Arts and Crafts camp, however when nobody in her camp spoke English they were very accomodating in switching her to another camp.  So her second day had her in mini vet camp.  In mini vet camp they were taught about a bunch of different animals that they had their; cats, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and rabbits.  The highlite of her week was watching kittens being born and when one of the horses got loose!

The week after our holidays the girls spent their week at Nana and Grampsy's and participated in a week long golf camp.  After a few hurdles of getting Darcy left handed clubs they both seemed to really enjoy it.  Although I often wonder how much of it is the actual golf camp they like and how much of it is the week getting spoiled by their grandparents!!  There was shopping and eating out, and all sorts of fun ways to spend the afternoons once camp was over.  Not to mention breakfast at the clubhouse when there were early morning tee offs!!

Right now the girls are enrolled in swimming lessons.  They have nine lessons over two weeks and it's almost a private lesson since the other little boy in their class only comes every now and then.  They've been learning lots of new techniques, different strokes and how to dive.  It sounds like they're both doing really well.  Neither one is too thrilled about jumping off the diving board without plugging their nose though!!  So, their mother's daughters!


  1. I can not jump into water without holding my nose ; )

  2. Can you enrol me in horse and vet camp for next summer too please?