Thursday, August 23, 2012

backpack, backpack!

We ordered Caelan a new feed pump about a month ago.
This new feed pump is much smaller and weighs considerably less.
Our motivation behind this purchase was that Caelan would be able to wear this pump in hisvery  own backpack.  A mini backpack that was just his size. 
This gives Caelan additional freedom and mobility during those long two hour feeds. Over the years he's become accustomed to watching television during that time.  There were times when we would  do puzzles, colour, read or playdoh, but the majority of the time it's television that kept him still and attached to the larger feeding pump.  That's a bad habit that we all need to work on breaking now.  Feeding for two hours takes a lot out of our little man too and by the end he's in a bit of a "milk coma" with a full belly.  It's harder to get him interested in other activities at that point.  We've had much better luck at the beginning of his feed keeping him playing, it's only as he starts to feel fuller that he's looking for a break.  The other huge benefit to Caelan being able to move around with his backpack feed is that we're spending more time 'walking', or working towards walking.  I wish that he'd just let go and take off full of confidence but he's very cautious about this whole walking thing.

We have been continuously trying to (and will continue to) speed up the rate at which he gets his feed, unfortunately it's a very slow process.  We continue to use the other pump at night on the IV pole beside his bed.  Two different pumps means having to store two sets of bags for the pumps but we're hoping in the long run that this will help them both last longer since they're only being used half the time.

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  1. He looks so cute! Pat thought it was especially cute when it beeped and Caelan thought he should open it up and figure it out himself.