Sunday, August 5, 2012

a girly first

It may have been a mistake starting them so young... But I took the girls for their first pedicure last Wednesday!

Wouldn't you know that after arriving at the Biodome with a dead battery I promptly came home and charged it, forgetting it on the charger.  I wasn't very proud of myself the moment I realized I had a camera with no battery on Wednesday!!  This was a first that I thought I'd like to capture.

Ryland thoroughly enjoyed her pedicure.  Every last minute of it.  The massaging chair, the foot scrub, the choice of polish...  There was a grin on her face from ear to ear the entire time.

Darcy didn't like when they put the lotion on and massaged it into her foot.  She has a few scrapes and bruises on her feet so she said it hurt.  She also didn't like when they put their nails under your nails.  I didn't see anything like this, however they do have a tool they use in this manner.  She swears it wasn't the tool though.  Oh, and she loved when they used the cheese grater on her feet!  That had us all giggling!  Anyway, all that being said she thought she could handle another pedicure.

The results:

So much fun!


  1. a nice memory for you and for them...I love the lime green ;

  2. I never knew my toes were so pudgy!!
    I'm orange.
    Darcy is lime green and Ry the blue.