Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini golf

We might not have picked the best time to go mini golfing... It was so hot and humid and the course was in full sun! It was brutal, but we did it - Ryland, Joanna, Calean and I. 

Our technique may have been frowned upon by some more avid golfers...  Although I think we probably had more fun that they would have!

This little patch of shade was near the last hole.  It really was too late by then we were already melting!  Probably not as bad as Damian and Darcy who were out on the lake fishing, but not as good as Bert and Cami hanging out in the camper's AC!!

I believe the high that day was in the low 40s with the humidex.  I don't recommend that for golfing of any kind!

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