Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mystery Solved

We borrowed a book a couple months ago from our ASL Instructor... a Where's Spot? book. 

Spot just happens to be a yellow dog with brown spots.

Mommy made a stop over at Chapter's tonight on her way home from work.

We read it twice tonight and we seem to have hit the jackpot!

I'm so relieved!!!

I also need to say big thank yous to Ryland, Darcy and Gramma who each wrote a story for Caelan about a yellow puppy dog with brown spots!

and a HUGE THANK YOU to Nurse Jenn for putting me on the right track!  I was kindly reminded tonight that Darcy also mentioned Spot books the other night but I didn't put the two together...  In fact I had no idea what she was talking about!!

We really must work on our communication skills around here.


  1. Glad the mystery was found and all is well again. He is like his sisters really gets into his reading. This is a book he most likely knows all the signs for if it is an ASL book which would make it a lot easier to understand I am guessing. He has a great memory to remember books that he has read means that he is taking in the story and not just being passive and hearing words. Love you all! Gramma xx

  2. We had a favorite Spot book too once upon a time!