Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walk for Miracles

It rained on our drive in. 
The skies still looked threatening. 
This wasn't looking good. 
We were worried.

Our team, CHEO TRIO, met up at our designated spot. 
Those of us who wanted another shirt got one. 
It was weird to be there missing one third of our TRIO. 
Logan and his parent's absence was felt ever step of the way.

Their reason for not participating this year was more than valid.
Logan goes in for another heart surgery at the end of the month.
The risks of catching anything in such a large crowd is too high.
We've been there.  We get that.  We still missed them.

Caelan, Mom, Darcy, Ryland, Dad, Nurse Jenn and her daughter Alison

Bert, Jim, Campbell, Joanna, and Lynda

We paused for pictures.
The sun came out.
The view made you hurry.
The dark skies were looming.

This is what we were looking at while getting our picture taken.

We crossed the finish line.
We ate our fill of hot dogs.
The girls had their faces painted.
And still had energy for the bouncy castle

What a success!
Our team raised over $1700 for CHEO.
We all headed home.
Until next year.



  1. GOOD Job!!!
    We were thinking of you.
    Love "US"

  2. It looks like it was a great day, what a great family activity!

    Love Toad

  3. Glad that you all had a fun day it is nice to get together with friends and even better when you are raising money for an excellent hospital.