Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Boys

I got some quick kisses from my boys today when they stopped by my office to pick up Caelan's health card. I've been meaning to hand over all the kids' health cards to Damian since he started staying home. I just I keep forgetting. So of course, today, when Caelan has a doctor's appointment with his regular pediatrician, we realize that I still hadn't done that. Oh well, what a great way to break up the day!

This morning Caelan had occupational therapy with Julie. I asked Caelan what they did and he wouldn't tell me anything. He told me to "go work". Eventually I got "elephant" out of him. (I think Daddy was doing some prompting behind me.) Can't even imagine what they were doing with elephants. Work disguised as play. It's usually fun times at OT. I later found out that they worked on mimicking and did some oral stimulation.  Apparently, the elephants were walking up to a watering hole of blue jello to refresh themselves and Caelan was encouraged to do the same. He wasn't having any of that though.

Caelan was also measured for a special table and chair for him to sit and play at. They have volunteers that will build it to spec for the cost of materials. Not sure when it will be ready but Caelan loves to sit at "his table" at OT so I'm anxious to have one at home for him.

Immediately afterwards he had speech language with Liz. They pretended to feed, bathe and dress a doll. They played house and tea party. They sang songs and read books. As a grand finale he got to play with Thomas the Tank. Through all of this he is encouraged and prompted to sign and even try to vocalize.

An exhausting morning for my little guy. That's a lot of hard work all that playing. Explains why he was so sleepy in the warm van when they stopped by the office. It was after these two appointments that they had time to come pick up the health card and run some errands before heading to the pediatrician's office. It was just a routine doctor's appointment. Everything is good, no concerns. Caelan's stats are:

weight 33lbs
height 35"

I have to say that he feels a lot heavier than that!!


  1. what a gret surprise to have your boys visit you at work!


  2. It is nice when you get a surprise visit. You must be used to not getting much of a response on "what did you do today"? I can remember asking our kids what did you do today and getting "nothing" all day at school and you did nothing? I guess you learn the good and the bad from your big sisters :)