Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - to do

I can't believe that summer is pretty much here and these things are still on our "to do" list.  I feel like they've been on the list forever!  Actually some of them have been there for over two years... and that kind of feels like forever. 

Obviously, getting things done with Caelan around takes more planning and organizing, more time and hands too! 

So, here they are, those items that have been haunting us, those that are forever hanging over our heads, those that will feel so good when we can cross them off!  Unfortunately, by that time there will be another project just waiting to take it's place!

  1. finish painting the closet and trim in the front entrance
  2. stain quarter round trim in kitchen
  3. finish taking wall paper down in hall alcove
  4. paint the hallway
  5. paint front and back doors
  6. fix eavestrough
  7. fill in baseboards
  8. fix doorknobs
  9. put pictures in frames that were bought before we moved
  10. replace flooring in basement hallway
Ugh.  I thought it was bad when it was in my head.  It's worse when I see it in writing.


  1. This is the part about owning a home that I hate the forever long to do list. It doesn't seem to matter how much you get done there is always more to do:( But on the bright side you CAN do what you want, and change what you want and you don't have to ask the landlord. Besides what else would we do with our time except maybe get into some kind of trouble.

  2. gramma is a wise woman : )