Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silly kids

I was out one night last week and Damian had the pleasure of putting all the kids to bed by himself.  I've been asking him to write this out for me ever since...

Baths were done and everyone had their jammies on.  Things were calm.  Ry read Darcy a chapter of Harry Potter for her bedtime story.  She tucked her in and headed back down the hall to her own room.

That's when the crazies came out.  Darcy came barelling down the hall like a wild monkey and tackled her sister into her room.  This was followed by a whole bunch of hooting, hollering, and giggling, the volume of which just kept increasing.

That's when Damian had to become all "mean-yelly-Daddy" rushing into Ry's room trying to regain control of the craziness that had so suddenly taken over.

And right on his heals, was Caelan yelling and pointing and signing at those girls to GET TO BED!!

Damian had to turn to him and tell him to "stop yelling!  I get to do the yelling around here!"

and he did.


  1. OMG that must have been funny to see, nothing like getting into the action when your sisters are getting into trouble. Oh these stories bring back such great memories of when we had kids at home I love them.