Thursday, June 30, 2011

Logan's surgery

In the emotional roller-coaster ride that is the life of a CHEO parent, Logan's surgery has been postponed because the ICU is full... Surgery will be rescheduled for some time in August. This may sound like good news to some of you, but it isn't. It's devastating. You spend so much time preparing yourself for this day and to have to start all over is overwhelming and so disappointing. 


  1. How disappointing, sad that there are so many children in need of these few operating rooms wouldn't it be nice if they all just stayed empty collecting dust? That is a dream I know our prayers will be for Logan to have a speedy recovery whenever the surgery happens, he is a handsome little fellow it is nice to see the pictures of him as I hear about Caelan's friends nice to put a modern picture to the name I tend to think of the boys as babies not the boys there are now.

  2. I am sending them wishes of hope and strength.