Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday morning

Well the day didn't start off great with pesky mosquitos interrupting my sleep-in morning, but I've managed to turn things around...  The beautiful sun shining sure helps!

The girls have painted the inside of their playhouse in the backyard and managed to get paint all over themselves in the process.  They've just had a shower and have successfully scrubbed themselves clean.  I'm afraid to go look at the bathroom now.

I cleaned out the car and then began vacuuming it out.  Caelan had a blast sitting in the car like a big boy while I vacuumed around him.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish since Damian left with the car to go to martial arts.  I'm hoping to continue where I left off once he returns... maybe without Caelan's help things might go much faster!

When Damian left with the car Caelan, Darcy and I took a wee walk.  Actually Caelan 'drove' his ice cream truck the whole time, those little legs were just a pumping.  We didn't go too far because I was worried about having to carry both Caelan and the truck home if he got tuckered out!!  He did great though.

Now we're back inside for Caelan's lunch time milk and I think I'm going to make some blueberry bran muffins...

Good start to a productive day, feels good!!


  1. Sounds like a great start to the day!

  2. Your last few blogs sure sound like your lives are full and productive and seem positive. WOnderful! Love to all, miss you all!