Wednesday, February 9, 2011


In addition to the dental stuff we had Dr. V from ENT in there to do a bronchoscopy.  That's the scope that is done to check Caelan's airway and to determine if his vocal cords are moving.  The last time we attempted this, Caelan held his breath and we were unable to check the vocal cords.  It was suggested at that time that perhaps the next scope would have to be done under anaesthetic.  When Caelan's OR time was scheduled with dental I made sure to notify ENT and they were able to coordinate the scope for the same time.

Dr. V assured us that everything looks fine.  He had no concerns with Caelan's airway, but those vocal cords are still stuck together.  grrr.  This is what we expected but it was still disappointing.  What was surprising was that Dr. V said we'd check them again next year.  Huh?  I thought the vocal cords nerves, if they were going to come back, would fix themselves within a year.  We gave them an extra year and now he wants to give them another one??  Does that mean there's still hope?  Or are we simply procrastinating on the alternatives.  At our last appointment we briefly discussed a surgery where the vocal cords were pinned open and I thought we were on the same page looking at this spring as a possibility if the cords weren't moving in yesterday's scope.  We have an appointment with Dr. V next week to discuss the scope in more detail and determine how aggressive we want to be as far as possible surgery is concerned.

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