Tuesday, February 22, 2011

getting out of the funk

Recently I had someone remind me that I was scheduled to return to work in May.  May 2011.  In other words, three months from now.  Thanks.  I had really been enjoying my ignorance on this fact up until then. 

Unfortunately last week it put me in a real funk.  I started feeling completely overwhelmed about... well... everything.  You name it and it was freaking me out.  It would be really nice if that kind of feeling kicked me into high gear and motivated me to tackle any of the things that were bothering me.  Instead, I do the opposite.  I putter about and accomplish nothing.  That leads to wallowing about all the things I haven't done, getting more upset by the minute that they aren't getting done while I simply think about them with contempt.  It takes great effort just to get the simplest things done and I don't even feel good about accomplishing them.  It's depressing and not something I'm proud of.

Today however, I had someone coming over to give me a bit of a break.  Knowing that I was feeling this huge panic about getting silly stuff done before returning to work, they offered to come and play with Caelan for an hour so I could accomplish something.  It was just the kick in the butt I needed.  I woke up this morning, determined.  It felt good.  During my hour I tackled the pile on top of the filing cabinet.  ugh.  To give you an idea of how bad it was most of the paperwork ended up being shredded, not filed, because it was already so old!!

Now I just have to keep the momentum going. So far so good.

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