Thursday, February 17, 2011

Report card Wednesday

I'll start with Caelan.  He did great at occupational therapy.  He was in a much better mood than he was at our last appointment.  He was eager to try new things and worked on them until he got them.  I was happy too that he demonstrated some skills that I mentioned he'd been doing at home, like drawing in a circular motion and not just up and down.  He was happy and smiling exercise after exercise and really didn't want to go when our hour was up.  So he get's a A for being a Superstar!

The girls brought home their report cards yesterday and both of them made us very proud.  Three A's each and the rest B's.

I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised to read that "Darcy often assumes the leadership role..."  Really?  This is the girl that doesn't speak in social settings.  It also says that "Darcy exhibits great initiative and approaches new learning situations with confidence."  Way to go Darcy!!

Ryland was thrilled to read on her report card that one of her Next Steps was to "continue to read everyday".  Really?  Did they have to bother putting that in writing.  We can't keep her out of her books!?!?  I pointed out to her that under French Language it also said to "read daily in French to maintain and improve reading skills and to increase familiarity with and exposure to new words."  We'll have to start checking out French library books.  Bet that'll slow her down a little.


  1. Doesn't surprise me that Darcy can take the leadership role as when we play that we are in a play she makes an excellent director with a great eye for detail :) I am really glad that they did well in their report cards. Way to go Piché children, gramma is always proud of you guys.

  2. Nana is very proud of all of you . Way to go .
    Love, Nana xoxooxo

  3. I wish I could comment on a comment - gold starts to Nana too for posting a comment! Love You!

  4. Gold Stars all around, why to go thing one, thing two and thing three! It sounds like the girls are doing really well and that Caelan is making great progress. I am so proud of you all. Hugs and Kisses.

  5. Tell the Girls we said "Congrats" to the great report cards.
    Way to go Caelan the Superstar!!!
    For sure gold stars all around...and I'll take one too because I think I may have been one of the "you know who you are" mentioned on the Comments blog!! Borda XO