Saturday, February 19, 2011

power outage

Power didn't come back on until sometime around midnight.  No big deal for us sleeping, although Darcy wasn't asleep before the power went out and of course how could she possibly fall asleep with no power!!!  I get it, no night light and that darn wind howling.  I snuggled in with her and promptly fell asleep in her bed, waking up sometime after the power came back on!

For Caelan, power outages are a much bigger deal.  Thankfully his feeding pump was still fully charged, since we usually plug it in over night to charge it.  Caelan's still on a continuous feed all night.  He gets three 250ml cans, starting around 9pm and running until close to 8am.  If the feed pump battery hadn't been charged it would have just meant more work by manually feeding him with syringes full of food, very slowly all night...

The even bigger problem is that we can't run the compressor for his humidity. 

Caelan has been great at coughing up his secretions, but this winter he's been much drier and getting a lot more plugs.  We've been using his humidity all night while he sleeps and also during his naps.  In addition, we've had to frequently give him saline mist masks to help loosen the secretions.

Yesterday, Caelan and I were out and about around town.  We had left the house shortly after eight in the morning to go to OCTC for speech language therapy.  After that we stopped by Mommy's work to see just how many new faces there were there... and let me tell you there were A LOT!!  I think I counted maybe a dozen people in distribution that I recognized! Ugh.  That's what happens when you're away for two and a half years.  Anyway, I digress...

We went to the bank, the grocery store and the pharmacy to pick up Caelan's milk.  We didn't get home until close to three and our opportunity for a nap had long since past.  All this to say my boy was getting pretty dry but seemed better after a few drops of saline.

We enjoyed a fun movie night with the girls, watching Narnia and didn't get to bed until around 9pm.  Caelan was very dry by then...  and then the power went out just before 9:30!!!  I spent the next half hour looking for and lighting candles (and trying to keep Darcy calm).

Our only option in this case is to try to get Caelan to keep his swedish nose on.  The swedish nose is a small contraption that is placed over his trach to create humidity.  He doesn't tolerate it during the day but apparently he has no issue with it while he's sleeping!  Thank goodness!!


  1. Big hugs, happy to hear that everyone faired okay with the power outage. the wind was somethign else last night - Perdita was pretty sure she just wanted to sleep in the basement.

  2. Odd weather so warm yesterday almost lost bullet to the puddles on our walk and then cold and windy last night. Rather just have regular cold and snow in the winter instead of all this weird stuff that is happening. Glad to hear that he tolerated his Swedish nose that made it a lot more comfortable for him, nothing like being able to breath to make a body feel good! Good thing his pump was charged makes you see how important it is to try and keep it charged so much to remember makes a really busy house. Poor Darcy it would not be a peaceful night for her falling asleep worrying, she can be a little worrier eh funny cause she is so independent you wouldn't think she would be?

  3. Hey T!

    Was great to see you and the irish little man with beautiful strawberry curls!I actually learned a sign from him. It's kinda nice to know that one can still learn from such a young fella. You must make a few more visits prior to you coming back to work because it appears that once women come back from leave, we never see the kids again....hum...I see a pattern.I read your blogs but never respond although sometime I am cracked up by some of the things going on. Life can be funny. Talk to you soon.Nicole
    ps: you look fantastic!