Wednesday, February 9, 2011

back in the waiting room

Yesterday we found ourselves back in that dreaded waiting room for parents at CHEO.  Thankfully it was not nearly as long or agonizing as some waits in the past. 

Caelan was having his teeth cleaned.  Forgive me if I have referred to this as surgery because it wasn't.  Just your basic x-rays and dental cleaning - ok well maybe the cleaning wasn't completely basic because those were some really yucky teeth.  However, because it took place in the operating room and under general anaesthetic, it's felt a lot like surgery to us.

We heard something while Caelan was in recovery that we don't get to hear very often.  Normal.  The dentist said Caelan's teeth look normal.  There is very little about our son that is described as normal.  To hear that he has all the teeth he's supposed to and that the x-rays look good was such a relief.  Everything went well with the cleaning and there are no major concerns.  Just keep brushing - or trying to at least!

This photo was taken last night after we tried to brush Caelan's teeth.  Look at those pearly whites!!  Obviously, Caelan still hates getting his teeth brushed.  He's a quick learner and as soon as we start singing the "brush your teeth" song or if he sees the toothbrush, his hands are over his mouth.  It's rare now that he cries full out with his mouth open, more often his lips are pressed tight together in a big pout!  It was so much easier to get in there and brush when he was screaming at us.


  1. oh Reu really is not a fan of teethbrushing either... but looks like you guys are doing so well!

  2. Look at those pearly whites they look so good, now if Caelan can only be convinced that it is a wonderful idea to keep them like this eh?